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Specialty Tubing Products

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  • Plastic convoluted tubing is a corrugated tube used to provide protection to a wire harness or any other product that may be subject to abnormal conditions, such as:

    • Continuous abrasion and vibrational wear
    • Puncturing
    • Water, snow, ice or salt
    • UV Rays.

    Corrugated tubing is used in many industries such as Automotive, Automotive aftermarket, Computer/electronics, Emergency Vehicles, Farm Agricultural, Heavy Truck, Marine, Recreation Vehicles, Telecommunications, Bus, Construction and specialty markets.

    You will also hear convoluted tubing referred to by several other names. Following are some of the most common names used for this product:

    • Corrugated tubing
    • Wire conduit
    • Convoluted loom
    • Loom
    • Split loom
    • Ribbed tubing
    • Flex tubing

    Convoluted tubing is available in a wide range of materials in both slit and solid tubing forms. Materials include; polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, flame retardant polypropylene, flame retardant polyethylene, nylon, PTFE, and FEP.

  • Spirally cut plastic tubing is specially-cut for wrapping multiple lines into one manageable bundle while protecting against wear and damage. A single line can be pulled from the bundle at any point, in any direction, allowing for versatility and flexibility. Highly economical, spiral wrap tubing cuts assembly costs and is reusable.  Spiral wrap is available in the following materials: Polyethylene, Fire-Reistant Polytheylene, Nylon, and PTFE.

  • Insulation Plastics, Inc. can provide non-shrink PVC end caps as well as heat shrinkable end caps.  Contact us for more information and pricing.

  • Insulation Plastics, Inc. can make up heat shrink tubing kits to your specifications in single tubs, multiple slot boxes or bags. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and we will work with you to produce a kit.  Mix and match materials, colors, and sizes.