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Tools and Equipment

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  • Insulation Plastics' Variable Temperature Control Heat Gun VT-1100

    Prevents Burning or Damaging the Tubing and Underlying Material
    The VT-1100 multi-purpose, low cost heat gun has an electronic variable thermal control dial, an important feature which enables the user to choose the temperature needed. Flameless and Safe for Hundreds of Applications
     Temperature Range is from 250° F to 1100° F   Solid State Construction 
     Heat Guard Included  UL and CSA Approved
     Two Speed Motor  Built in Safety Stand
     High Quality heat Element  
  •  hkb0.00wh

    Heavy duty components and heavy gauge 2 1/2” blade make this tool ideal for use in production environments. Lighted power switch. Heats to 600°C in 30 seconds. 110 volt operation.

    Replacement blade is also available.  rbb0.00sv

  • hkh0.00bk

    Perfect for individual projects or small volume production. The large knife blade heats quickly and easily cuts and seals most grades of braided sleeving. Handle can also be used as a soldering gun with the appropriate tips. 110 volt operation.  

    rbh0.00svReplacement blade is also available. 

  •  Heavy Duty HH

    German engineered, heavy duty handheld hot knife. Long life trigger switch. Heats quickly to 600°C. Interchangable blades. 110 or 220 volt models available.  Replacement blade are also available

    Replacement blade is also available.  grb0.00sv