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SBS Flexo Tight Weave FR

Flame Retardant Flexo Tight Weave sleeving was developed by and for aircraft manufacturers as a replacement for the Standard Grade FR. This sleeving material is constructed from tightly braided 9 mil flame retardant monofilament. The result is fuller coverage over wire harnesses. This allows for increased abrasion protection, which is a critical issue in the aviation industry.

The 9 mil monofilament is used instead of 10 mil in order to lessen the additional weight that results when the monofilament is tightly braided into sleeving material. We flexotightweaveFR appmanufacture sizes to accommodate various wire harnesses up to 3” in diameter.

Tight Weave FR is available in Black with a White Tracer to identify it as a flame retardant product.

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